Origin: Sumida, Tokyo, Japan
Style: Lager
ABV: 5%
Looks cool, tastes like ass. Created in 1987 this was an attempt to replicate a dry lager associated with the paler lagers of Northern Germany. It has an artificial taste to it, as well as being watery and very gassy. Totally over-carbonated. And like many macro brews it gives you a terrible head the next day. Best avoided.

I love the logotype though - a likeable blend of Arabesque and Japanese calligraphic styles. The kanji sitting below (辛口 - dry) and the katakani that reads "Su-Pa Do-Ra-E" (Superdry) and "Asahi Be-Ru" (Beer) add to the whole exotic far-eastern vibe too. It sounds terribly Orientalist but it does look exotic and appealing; slick in that unique Tokyo 1980s kind of way, but not in the hackneyed ironic sense that has become a norm these days. I could even forgive the inconsistent tracking beneath. It should scream wrong but they get away with it.

Still a shitty beer though.
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