Brewery: Gamma
Label illustration: Adrian Dexter

Origin:  Gørløse, Denmark
Style: American Pale Ale
ABV: 5.2%

Many fungi experts advise against eating a member of Amanita unless the species is known with absolute certainty. Because so many species within this genus are so deadly toxic, if a specimen is identified incorrectly, consumption may cause extreme sickness and possibly death. [Wikipedia: Amanita]

Referencing the killer Amantin-Gamma fungi toxins (as found in Death Cap mushrooms) - this is a really tasty pale ale worth hunting down. Tropical and hoppy and totally drinkable. Incredible art too - one of four from Danish brewers Amanita. The illustrations are just fantastic - worthy of your favourite metal band let alone a humble beer label.

Next on the list the wonderfully named Hop Sweat and WorldEater.

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