Brewery: Black Iris
Illustration: Kev Grey

Origin: Nottingham, England
Style: Session New England IPA
ABV: 3.8%

Kev Grey - veteran street artist who’s work now adorns skate, tattoo and guitar brands has been commissioned by indie brewer Black Iris to work up some labels with his signature style of bold, monotone drawings. I’m gushing here but there’s something quite special about Kev’s work. It’s organic, obviously hand-drawn, but the thick marker lines and reversed white-on-black almost makes it feel like a vector file, a graphic negative of sorts.

Little Nipper is just one of the gems he’s done for Black Iris. I’d get my hands on more, but some of them are eye-wateringly expensive ( as per in the world of seasonal craft), but delicious none the less.
A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England