Brewery: Lucky Saint / Not Another Beer Co.
Design: Otherway

Origin: London / Germany
Style: Alcohol-free Lager
ABV: 0.5%

Oh the lovely little ladybird, the cute harmless little ladybird. Aaah.

Lucky Saint is a very good looking alcohol-free beer that’s been heavily promoted on social media and winning plaudits from all sorts within the industry. It’s beautiful piece of packaging, with a quirky sans (check the cross-bar on the A), and a trendy all-caps monospaced supporting font. There’s another two typefaces used sparingly here too - but despite all this it still feels a controlled, clean layout. The foil lines and ladybird monogram are lovely touches too, and apologies as this scan doesn’t really do them justice. 

It’s also worth noting the label sits on the bottle at 90°, a decision that strengthens the layout, the logotype and stamp being a subtle nod to it’s stubby bottle.

Although I’m not naturally a keen advocate of alcohol-free beer but you can’t help admire the thoughtfulness and skill that has been invested into this brand. It’s certainly a million miles away from the shame of being spotted with a Becks Blue back in the day, feeling like everyone’s poor cousin. I can see sober millenials and paunched dads quaffing this all over town.  A beautiful bit of design for a brand full of personality. Hats off. 

A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England