Brewery: Augustiner

Origin: Munich, Germany
Style: Doppel Bock
ABv: 7.5%

The Maximator; a classic fixture of Oktoberfest. It’s a rich, malty beer that was traditionally brewed by the Augustine monks of Munich to sustain them through Lent fasting. As the old saying goes “liquid bread doesn’t break the fast” (i.e. let’s get on the piss at 7.5% lads). 

It’s meaty brew that goes straight to the head. The image of the Pope on the label here is a reference to a legend that the monks needed Papal blessing to be allowed to drink this during Lent, and here he is, bedecked in gold and purple on a sketchy repro autotrace job. It’s one of those terrible illustrations that survive for decades on quality beers for the sole reason that the product is already well-established in the market. There’s no need for interesting type, or contemporary illustration on this label (although it wouldn’t go amiss).
A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England