Brewery: O|O Brewing
Design: Lundgren+Lindqvist

Origin: Gothenburg, Sweden
Style: Orange IPA
ABV: 6.8%

Narangi: a new, beautiful beer from Swedish brewers 0|0 (undefined) is an IPA infused with orange (curiously without any fruit being used though). The front face of the label has been split in half here, with the type - large point size juxtaposed with small, alongside a stark orange dot on black. Narangi means orange in Hindi, and furthermore there is a village in India called Narangi where the orange may have come from...(note: the orange is not a wild fruit but cultivated from a pomelo and mandarin). Whether this is the stuff of local legend or not, it’s all beautifully packaged here. And of course there is the immediate reference of the Indian bindi.

Credit to Lundgren and Lundqvist for another bold and elegant interpretation here. It would have been easy to pursue an illustrative or pastische route with such big visual cues like Indian art or the humble orange itself. Rather they stuck to their guns to produce a purely graphic approach, and the result is really quite something. 

You can see more shots of the can, all sexed up on the agency site here. And if you’re wondering if I beefed up the orange in photoshop (I didn’t) - it was the extra spot colour they used. Hats off.
A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England