Brewery: Omnipollo
Design: Karl Grandin

Origin: Stockholm, Sweden / Lochristi, Belgium
Style: Gose
ABC: 3.5% 
Based in Stockholm, but roaming around the world jumping in and out of various breweries, Omnipollo (Every make some of the most interesting beers around. And they all tend to look amazing too.

This 3.5% Pineapple Gose - a sour wheat beer seasoned with salt. Not as tart as a Berliner, but full of punchy fruit. And only 3.5% - great one for summer sunshine drinking.

Karl Grandin has created some amazing designs for this brewery - this one being a more restrained example (but still beautiful) with those big juicy numbers front and centre. Eagle eyes will notice the light slab serif that seems to be on-trend, but the real gem is the ‘Magic Numbers’ serif. That cheeky lowercase ‘g’.  


A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England