Origin: Abbaye Notre-Dame d'Orval, Gaume, Belgium
Style: Trappist Ale
ABV: 6.2%

One of the 11 Trappist Brewers in the world, made by the Cistercian monks within the walls of the Orval Abbey. At 6.2% it's a good introduction to trappist ale - dry and sour but not overbearing. Orval only make one product and it's humble origins are reflected in this modest and tasteful packaging - a simple, small bottle with one single label around the neck.

The artwork depicts the local history of the abbey; whereby a widow lost her wedding ring in a fountain, which was then retrieved by a jumping trout. In thanks the abbey was founded and the legend of Orval was born.
A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England