Origin: Stockport, Cheshire, UK
Style: Bitter
ABV: 4.7%

Name after the 1983 Iron Maiden single and developed with vocalist (and real ale enthusiast) Bruce Dickinson. Kudos to Robby's for giving the designer full creative licence here with the immediately recognisable Derek Riggs illustration and the in using Maiden typeface. It doesn't look like anything else they've have done previously but who gives a crap about corporate brand guidelines when the assets are this good - this stuff will sell a bucketload on looks alone.

Not that it need rely on the artwork. It's solid premium ale that has depth of flavour with light citric notes. An enjoyable drink, and good to see it's not a case of style over substance. One for the metalheads and general public alike. Recommended.

Apologies for the tear. Sausage fingers.
A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England