Brewery: Slaapmutske

Origin: Melle, East Flanders, Belgium
Style: Belgium Ale
ABC: 6.4%
A Belgium brewery run by couple Dany De Smet and Marleen Vercaigne, Slaapmustske ‘Sleeping Hat’ was named after they dipped their infant son’s dummy in their first beer. If it’s anything like this one it’s a wonder he’s not comatosed. 

The label - although with the right intentions, obviously lacks finesse. There’s all sorts of garbage going on here - 3D type (with gradients), random clip art, all-caps Comic Sans...

What it lacks for in design it makes up in taste though. De Smet used to work at Huyghe (note the similarly random design) but this feels like a more balanced strong ale than the Delirium Tremens. A more fruity flavour and less burn.


A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England