Brewery: Small Beer Brewery
Design: Kingdom and Sparrow

Origin: South Bermondsey, London, England
Style: Lager
ABV: 2.1%


Yes 2.1%. A fantastic low strength brew that tastes good enough to quaff all day long, or at least every night after supper. 

Before we all tanked 5% continental style beers that have now become the norm, back in the day, a low-alcohol beer was much more common. Some dads out there might remember Stella blowing everyone’s socks off with a 5% import back in the early 90s. It was revolutionary, and so ended the days (and virtues) of the lower alcohol lager.

Small Beer are seeking to bring back the low alcohol beer, harking back even earlier to a time before clean drinking water, when beer was a guarantee of a clean drink with the breweing process killing off the nasty pathogens. Moreover the ABV was kept low to ensure you wouldn’t get too dehydrated. ‘Small beer’ as it was known back then was a staple at the dinner table, workplace and even the schoolyard. It’s fascinating slice of beer history, and one that deserves to be richly celebrated. And if it means less knobs getting shitfaced and causing trouble then even better.

With all this historical reference the label designer could have easily sunk into the usual ‘olde England’ whimsy - sketches of fat men in wigs, lots of Blackletter and cursive etc...but thankfully that’s not the case. Rather we have a smart, beautifully drawn and humourous take on the name. A lovely visual quip between the illustration and point size. Hats off.

A project by Richard Heap
A graphic designer from Stockport, England